From Nikon to Canon


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Last Friday I did a very big decision to sell all my Nikon and go to the Canon side. Some of you might have ever seen this kind of post on the internet, yes there are lot of them on the internet. From Nikon to Canon, or the opposite direction, or from DSLR to M4/3, and much more. Google it, and you’ll see that this is happened haha …

So, why did I do my migration? First of all, let me tell you that my first love with SLR is with Nikon. My first DLSR is a Nikon D50, borrowed from a friend. And the second one, this is the second time I do a switch, where my first owned DSLR is actually a Canon EOS 1000D, and switch it for the Nikon D7000. Why Canon in the first place? Because of the price ^^. I couldn’t afford a pricier camera body that time, and Nikon’s offering (D3000) is somehow can’t have good impressions on the net.

When I do the first switch, I feel that the I need a better body, and actually I don’t want to do a full switch. At that time, I was having a very big expectation on the not-yet-released 60D, since looking at the spec of 50D, I think that 60D will be at least came near the 7D (yes, everyone on the earth at that time think the same like me). But then the 60D released, and everyone goes ‘aaaah crap’ … No, I’m not saying that the 60D is a bad camera (indeed, it still a very great camera), but it just hurts my expectation that 60D is more like a super-Rebel edition. As an addition, the tsunami in Japan make the availability of 60D is limited here in Indonesia (and other country too), so when the time I was ready to buy the 60D … no store all over my city have it (crap). In the other side, Nikon released D7000 with all the bells and whistles, calling me to do the massive switch. Things like fast and accurate autofocus, high fps, high iso capabilities, and bigger and better body build, are the ones that pulls me to do it. Yes, I’ve sold and becoming really want to have a Nikon body that time, and I love the Nikon color produced from the sensor, and everyone is telling about how good is Nikon’s autofocus and bodybuild, better noise … so I made the first switch … which I regret doing it … because of …

  1. It’s rarely focus on target. At some condition, the focus is few inch behind the target, even tough the focus point is pointed to a very contrast area with a big target, it still happened sometimes. Yes, I’ve played with the AF Micro Adjustment, and yes I’ve sent it to the authorized service center. The backfocus issue is reduced, but still happened at some times, especially when using a speedlite. So … this is a big problem … since in my mind, if there is need a AFMA, it’s should be the lens that the one to have the faulty, not the body. And this problem make me can’t easily rent and buy a lens, since I can’t justify the result before doing a pain-in-the-ass focus test. So, on the focusing sector .. D7000 fails me. Other Nikon body might be good, but not this type.
  2. The small body. At first, when comparing 1000D with D7000, it’s feels big in hand. But then I found that the grip on Nikon is not comfortable in my hand, not like the 7D who have a big and firm grip. I often get a stiffed hand because holding the D7000 too long. And for a left-eye shooter like me, the position of button in Nikon is not very pleasing. I hardly could press the back AF button, or changing the focus point.
  3. The button position, just hate the fact that I have to put down the camera to change ISO (yes, I could do a quick ISO setup on A or S mode, but still annoying if in M mode).
  4. The last one is because I’m a poor man … Nikon’s environment is pricey, and the community here in Indonesia is small. Sure everyone could argue about this, but it just my point of view after looking at my wallet.

But of course, I still love the D7000 (love and hate relationship is always complicated), because of the color rendering of the sensor and low noise performance … And I keep the love for nearly 2,5 years, half trying to blame myself for not able to take a steady focusing, and learning to use my right eye for composing the image … until Canon announced the EOS 70D …


(image taken from

Looking at the spec sheet, and after browsing all videos on youtube and reviews on the net … EOS 70D is the one that I’ve been looking for, back in the time I want to upgrade from 1000D!!!! Hey Canon, why did you release this great camera two years since the time you should released it?? (Later on I could understand why, it’s maybe at that time Canon didn’t want this high-spec camera body consumes the sales of the 7D. Since now they’ve ready to release the 7D Mk II, releasing a 70D is not a threat anymore … haha). I didn’t even consider the great D7100 that offered by Nikon. The truth is, D7100 with all the specs might be a killer for 70D and might be the best APS-C camera in the world today, but for me I just need the comfort zone with Canon again.

And so I made the switch (actually, I need two months to convince myself to do the switch … haha). I trade my D7000, 18-105mm, and 50mm f1.8G with a standard 70D + 18-55 IS STM. Yes, what a loss for me, since I have to build my system again from the bottom of the pyramid. But I can’t hold it any longer … I should get rid of this annoying feeling in my head …

And guess what … I’m relieved and very glad I do the switch. This is the first snapshot of the camera, taken on the camera shop. No edit, JPEG straight out from the camera and resized. Note the differences of color rendering of Canon ^^.

First shot of 70D

So, did I do the right thing? The next part I’ll write about the 4 days experience with the camera … wait up!


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