CommutersPhew!! Spent a lot of weekends without a single chance to do a proper photo hunts made me feel guilty to this blog. When I created this blog, I promised  myself that every week I will create a post, but then something with the office works comes up, and I almost forgot about it. The last update I did to the blog was just a theme modification. And somehow I didn’t like the new theme 😦

So … tonight … I forced myself to do a post, and since I don’t have a proper image to post, I start to digging my hard drive and look for some collections I have. I have to post something.

Let see … okay … snapshot here, stupid snapshot there, model here, animal there, street view here, landscape there … arrgh …

Voila! Here’s one .. This image was taken at some MRT station in Singapore, few years ago when I started my photography hobby. It’s one of the photo that someday could goes into my museum (if there any).

I like the atmosphere of this photo, that illustrates how the commuters waiting for the next train, and imagine what’s on their minds. Is that a thoughts about their work, lovers, families, or even a wild one that arise spontaneously. If I could see those bubbles floating on top of their head *lol*

So, if you were them, what’s on your bubble?



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