Midnight near The Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam Centraal

From wikipedia

Amsterdam Centraal (code: Asd) is the central railway station of Amsterdam. It is also one of the main railway hubs of the Netherlands and is used by 250,000 passengers a day, excluding transferring passengers. It is the starting point of Amsterdam Metro lines 51, 53 and 54.

I would never expect that taking short walk and doing some street shot near Amsterdam Centraal would be so fantastic in the midnight. I mean, although the air is so cold (I put all my jacket and gloves, double my pants too haha), but on the same time I experience a very unique scenery I would not have while shooting in the morning. The area were filled with lot of yellow street light and beatiful old-styled buildings, giving me the feeling that they  want to say that they still standing strong even it’s 2013.

Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam is a city with lot of canals. Just take a short walk to the south and you will see a bunch of boat parked on the side of the canal. 

Parked boats

Ah … a parking lot for bicycle … I never seen one like this in Indonesia. Bicycle in Amsterdam have the same rights as other road users, such as motorcycle and cars. They even have their own lane! Few minutes before I took this picture, small accident happened where a car driver drove into the bicycle lane, and hit one cyclist. They argued and of course, the car is on the looser side, since the lane mark clearly stated that way.

Bike CentralEnjoy my other shoots ^^

GSX_10311 GSX_10302 GSX_10305 GSX_10309 Amsterdam Cetraal


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