How The Forty Beats My Needs for Mirrorless

Canon EF 40mm f2.8 STM

These last 3 months I have been struggling so hard to convince myself that I didn’t have to sold my newly bought EOS 70D (I have it last Christmas), and trade it with a smaller mirrorless camera. The main factor that I had such a thought in my head is that I feel that bringing a big DSLR is not fun anymore, because it is big and bulky. Plus … my photography activities were decreased because of my main job is filling every schedule I had, and my Zenfone have became my primary camera for travelling.

I don’t need my DSLR anymore … that’s what I thought … And I was on the edge of trading my 70D with either Olympus, Fujifilm, or Sony’s offerings, until I realized few things …

First, I think I’m having to much Gear Aquisition Syndrome in my head….

Second, price factor. The price of mirrorless camera added with a prime lenses are still high. Why prime? Because lately I started to love shooting with a single-focal lens (guess what, because I use my smartphone a lot hahaha), and my favorite focal length are somewhere from 24 to 50 millimeters. My dream mirrorless would be Fujifilm XE-2 with 35mm f1.4 lens. That combo itself is priced around $1,600 here in Indonesia. And those Sony? Yes, their Alphas were rather cheap, but those Zeiss is way to heavy on the price tag. How about the local rental stores? No hope. Because the mirrorless population is rather small in my city (and maybe my country), they only have small offerings for mirrorless. And that made me think, for me, mirrorless is not an affordable options right now.

So, with those two conditions, I have to find a solution for my problem, and that’s when I started to consider the Canon EF 40mm f2.8 STM.


First reason is because it’s small and light. This lens added with my camera would results an 885 grams. And because of the small pancake sized shape, using this lens on my 70D would transform the appearance like a cheap bridge camera, resulting a less attracted attention from the crowd and could help me when I’m doing a street shot.


Second reason, this lens is  sharp, even at it’s widest apperture, which is f2.8. From lot of reviews out there, they said that I could stay at f2.8 and still have sharp photos.

Third reason, the price. It’s only around $200 in Indonesia.


Now, actually if I only think about those three reasons, I would throw my money to the EF 50mm f1.8, who until now holding the title of bang for the buck for Canon lens, because it’s light, small, sharp, and cheap. But as a going-out lens, 50mm would be too tight, and while the 24 or 35 will fit the needs, Canon doesn’t have the sub $300 offering for those focal lengths. Not like Nikon, who have the DX 35mm f1.8, all the Canon’s 35s or 24s lens price tag are above $700. So my only option in this camp is the 40mm. Oh, one more thing … the focusing motor on 40mm is a Stepper Motor, which offers quietter and relative faster focusing action.

And that’s it … I end up buy the pancake … and I don’t regret it. I looove it!

PS: There is another pancake lens on the horizon. The Canon EF 24mm f2.8 STM. With the published price of $150, this is perfect! I started to think that if the 24mm arrived in Indonesia, I would buy it :p (yeah, this is an indication of another Gear Aquisition Syndrome hahaha) … 


3 thoughts on “How The Forty Beats My Needs for Mirrorless

    1. Yeps, that’s right. I’ve tried the XE1 and A6000 EVF, while others said that the Sony’s EVF is wonderful, I feel that something is missing.
      For EVF to be real like OVF, maybe not in the current technologies haha. Maybe we could see improvements in the next decade :p

      But few things happened after this last post, where I have to sell my gear because of few needs in the family. So practicality I will be in the ‘mirrorless’ camp with an Asus Zenfone for a while hahaha…

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