Hi all, welcome to my blog. My name is Alvonsius, and I live in Indonesia, a big beautiful country north of Australia. Hey, if you’ve heard about Bali, yes … Bali  is not a country, it’s an island located in Indonesia. Hope you understand it now 🙂

This blog contains my photography works. I am not a professional photographer, just a hobbyist trying to snap the best image I can, and let the world know about it. My main occupation is an IT worker on Gamatechno Indonesia, working 5 days a week to deliver best software for out client. The rest 2 days would be spent with my family or my photography gear (or both of them haha). I also an Linux enthusiast (err … or maybe just a normal user), using Ubuntu Linux for daily, work, and photographic activities. I have another blog, mainly talks about technical stuffs. You may check it at alvonsius.wordpress.com

Okay, enough about me, now some words about the images in this site. All of the image in this site were copyrighted by me (except mentioned differently), so please don’t use it for commercial or contest usage. All of the images are free to be used for your personal usage, either to put it on your personal blog, or to put in your non-commercial article/blog post, but please be kind enough to put a credit or link back to this site.

You may contact me at my email alvonsius[at]gmail.com or tweet to me or drop a message on facebook

Hope you enjoy your visit here … selamat menikmati, terimakasih ^^


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