Fly! Fly to The Sky and Burn

Sky Lantern

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A sky lantern, also known as Kongming lantern or Chinese lantern, is a small hot air balloon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended.


Midnight near The Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam Centraal

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Amsterdam Centraal (code: Asd) is the central railway station of Amsterdam. It is also one of the main railway hubs of the Netherlands and is used by 250,000 passengers a day, excluding transferring passengers. It is the starting point of Amsterdam Metro lines 51, 53 and 54.

I would never expect that taking short walk and doing some street shot near Amsterdam Centraal would be so fantastic in the midnight. I mean, although the air is so cold (I put all my jacket and gloves, double my pants too haha), but on the same time I experience a very unique scenery I would not have while shooting in the morning. The area were filled with lot of yellow street light and beatiful old-styled buildings, giving me the feeling that they  want to say that they still standing strong even it’s 2013.

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CommutersPhew!! Spent a lot of weekends without a single chance to do a proper photo hunts made me feel guilty to this blog. When I created this blog, I promised  myself that every week I will create a post, but then something with the office works comes up, and I almost forgot about it. The last update I did to the blog was just a theme modification. And somehow I didn’t like the new theme 😦

So … tonight … I forced myself to do a post, and since I don’t have a proper image to post, I start to digging my hard drive and look for some collections I have. I have to post something.

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Jakarta From 37th Floor and RawTherapee


From Wikipedia

Jakarta /əˈkɑrtə/,[note 1] officially known as the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (Indonesian: Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta), is the capital and largest city of Indonesia.

Located on the northwest coast of Java, Jakarta is the country’s economic, cultural and political centre, and with a

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Morning at Herrenhäuser Gärten


From Wikipedia

The Herrenhausen Gardens (German: Herrenhäuser Gärten), located in Herrenhausen, an urban district of Lower Saxony’s capital of Hanover are made up of the Great Garden (Großer Garten), the Berggarten, the Georgengarten and the Welfengarten. The gardens are a heritage of the Kings of Hanover.

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Shadow of The Humboldt


From Wikipedia

The Humboldt Penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) (also termed Peruvian Penguin, or Patranca) is a South American penguin, that breeds in coastal Peru and Chile. Its nearest relatives are the African Penguin, the Magellanic Penguin and the Galápagos Penguin. The penguin is named after the cold water current it swims in, which is itself named after Alexander von Humboldt, an explorer.

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