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The One Night Battle

One NIght Battle

For Laron (flying white-ants), this one night battle is a life and┬ádeath battle.┬áTheir options is simple: ended up as delicious meal for human or gecko, or found their couple, mating and creating a new colony somewhere in the house (of course, if they managed to escape from their predator, human and gecko) …

Interesting huh …

Fantasy Loop

Fantasy Loop

First of all … Merry and Happy Christmas everyone!! Hope all of us will be blessed ^^

This is a snapshot of a pumpkin trunk, which amazingly create a loop on a wire on the side of my house. Don’t know how the plant started it, but yes … nature surely have a funny and amazing way to work.

Starting from this week, I’m not a Nikon shooter anymore, and has been moved to the other side (yes, Canon). Why did I do this? Well, let’s not ruin the enjoyment of this post, I’ll post about it in the next post after this. Also with my judgement after using Canon for 4 days (two of them is for a seriously hard job). I promise that I’ll be fair enough about the judgement, since neither the side is paying me to do a campaign (actually, I still will be write a fair one even though they do it haha).

Happy holiday ^^

Early Morning

Early Morning

Hi all, sorry for the late posts. I was busy with my office works and have no chance to shot anything good. So I pick some work I did few months ago and post it here … Hope you like it.
This photo of ladybug was actually prepared for the Animal Photography Contest held by the Indonesian Safari Park. And since it’s not qualified for the prize, I think it’s better to publish it here ^^

~ enjoy!

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The interesting part of macro photography is that we could find inspiration from a very small area on your backyard, and a very unprepared shoot. This ‘tree of life’ is one of those.

Welcome to my first blog, where I try to post a picture every week. Please feel free to download, but please put a credit for me if you use my picture for another purpose (e.g: using it for collage, or for college posters, or anything else).