Midnight near The Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam Centraal

From wikipedia

Amsterdam Centraal (code: Asd) is the central railway station of Amsterdam. It is also one of the main railway hubs of the Netherlands and is used by 250,000 passengers a day, excluding transferring passengers. It is the starting point of Amsterdam Metro lines 51, 53 and 54.

I would never expect that taking short walk and doing some street shot near Amsterdam Centraal would be so fantastic in the midnight. I mean, although the air is so cold (I put all my jacket and gloves, double my pants too haha), but on the same time I experience a very unique scenery I would not have while shooting in the morning. The area were filled with lot of yellow street light and beatiful old-styled buildings, giving me the feeling that they  want to say that they still standing strong even it’s 2013.

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Morning at Herrenhäuser Gärten


From Wikipedia

The Herrenhausen Gardens (German: Herrenhäuser Gärten), located in Herrenhausen, an urban district of Lower Saxony’s capital of Hanover are made up of the Great Garden (Großer Garten), the Berggarten, the Georgengarten and the Welfengarten. The gardens are a heritage of the Kings of Hanover.

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From Nikon to Canon


(image taken from slrlounge.com)

Last Friday I did a very big decision to sell all my Nikon and go to the Canon side. Some of you might have ever seen this kind of post on the internet, yes there are lot of them on the internet. From Nikon to Canon, or the opposite direction, or from DSLR to M4/3, and much more. Google it, and you’ll see that this is happened haha … Continue reading From Nikon to Canon

Early Morning

Early Morning

Hi all, sorry for the late posts. I was busy with my office works and have no chance to shot anything good. So I pick some work I did few months ago and post it here … Hope you like it.
This photo of ladybug was actually prepared for the Animal Photography Contest held by the Indonesian Safari Park. And since it’s not qualified for the prize, I think it’s better to publish it here ^^

~ enjoy!

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The interesting part of macro photography is that we could find inspiration from a very small area on your backyard, and a very unprepared shoot. This ‘tree of life’ is one of those.

Welcome to my first blog, where I try to post a picture every week. Please feel free to download, but please put a credit for me if you use my picture for another purpose (e.g: using it for collage, or for college posters, or anything else).