Trying Cinematic Look Post Processing


Today I saw an article on Fstoppers about how to create a Cinematic look on your images. To be simple, an image will be called cinematic-ish if we look the image as if it was taken from a snapshot of a movie (like when you were watching Captain America and .. hey, I like this scene with Scarlett Johansson … then you pause the movie and press the Print Screen button … well that kind of cinematic-ish haha). Common post processing would involve tools like split toning, contrast, grain, and 16:9 crop on the image. 

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Introducing Darktable


Okay, doing a double post in a day is something unusual for a blog. But well, I’m afraid that if I postponed it today, I would forget it by tomorrow.

This time I want to introduce you to a tool that have been accompanying me to edit RAW files from my camera. It’s free, and always keep the updates regularly … it’s called Darktable (please check it at Continue reading Introducing Darktable